May 7 2019 · West Nipissing Flooding Preparedness




May 7, 2019

The Municipality is requesting that all residents air on the side of caution as the water levels rise in the area. Based on weather forecast and the latest information provided by the MNRF – North Bay District, Lake Nipissing has the potential to rise by an additional 15 cm over the next week. In preparation, the Municipality will provide sand to areas that are most at-risk of flooding at this time. Residents can expect to see loads of sand within the next 24 hours near these locations:

  • Marleau Road and Lac Des Deux Milles Road intersection
  • Marleau Road (at the East end/dead end)
  • Avenue du Lac in Lavigne
  • End of Eugene Road (between Arbour and Comeau)

Other locations are being considered at this time. Local suppliers such as Goulard RONA Building Centre and Home Hardware Building Centre have sandbags available for purchase.

We urge residents to be diligent by taking precautions to avoid flooding and to minimize damage to their properties. Don’t wait until it’s too late. West Nipissing Emergency Services can assess and provide additional support on a case-by-case basis. If you are concerned with the water levels surrounding your property or are currently experiencing emergency-level conditions, please contact us at 705.753.1171.

With the current conditions, the Municipality of West Nipissing has not declared an emergency. The Emergency Services and Operations Team will continue to monitor water levels in the area. The crews are patrolling at-risk areas daily and are assessing any weather changes that could affect water levels: precipitations, temperature, thawing, wind directions and ice conditions.

Safety measure and available resources will be reassessed based on conditions. We will continue provide updates as more information becomes available.




Residents can keep a close watch on local forecasts and conditions using the following links:

Ontario’s flooding tips

Ontario’s flood map for up-to-date conditions and flood warnings


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