Water and Sewer Department

For inquiries during regular business hours, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., please call 705-753-2250.



Peter Ming, Manager of Water / Wastewater Operations
(705) 753-2250, ext 6954
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OCWA Ontario Clean Water Agency is the operating authority for the Water Plant and Lagoons in Verner.
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Public Notice - Revision of Call Out Services for Sewer Backups and Frozen Services (December 4th, 2017)
Click here to view the notice.

Click on one of the links below to view Water and Sewer rates related by-laws:

2019 Water and Sewer Rates - By-Law 2019/36

Rebate on Water and Sewer for Elderly and Disabled - By-Law 2015/40



Field Wastewater Treatment Plant
Lot 4, Concession V, Field

Sturgeon Falls Wastewater Treatment Plant
1 Third Street, Sturgeon Falls

Sturgeon Falls Water Treatment Plant
11 Nipissing Street, Sturgeon Falls 

Verner Water Treatment Plant
2 St. Amour Road, Verner

Verner Lagoon
Lot 8, Concession 3, Verner


Current Reports

2019- Sturgeon Falls Annual Report
2019 - Verner Annual Report 


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Sturgeon Falls

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  • Verner

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    2018 - Verner Annual Report









    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



    Contact the Municipality at (705) 753-2250.  You may be asked to run your cold water line for about 15 to 20 minutes, and then call back if it does not clear.


    You may call the municipal office at 705-753-2250, press 0, and ask for the Water Department for information on your billing.

    We offer a Pre-authorized Payment Plan for your convenience.  Automatic withdrawals will be made on the due date only.


    Sanitary Sewer Flushing is conducted on an ongoing basis as part of the Preventative Maintenance Program.  Flushing removes debris, sand and gravel from the collection system.  During this time, customers may experience blowback from the main.  When blowback occurs, it is usually due to poor venting in the residence.  If you experience blowback, please contact the Water and Sewer Department.


    The Municipality of West Nipissing policy regarding sewer problems is that the property owner is responsible for their lateral up to the municipal property line.

    Before you attempt to clear a blocked service lateral, you must first contact Ontario One Call at 1-800-400-2255 for a free natural gas locate.  Municipal operators will not proceed unless they have confirmation that the home owner has clearance.  Clearance will either be a paper signed by the locator, or a confirmation number phoned in.  Union Gas considers this to be high priority and should have the gas locate completed within 2 hours.

    Please note that should the sewer be blocked due to improper use (such as rags, diapers, etc.), it will be the owner's responsibility to cover the cost to clean and repair the lateral.

    The property owner must provide clear access to a proper clean out.

    There are several possible causes for a sewage blockage/backup including, but not limited to the following:

    • Blockage within the service lateral due to age, roots, settlement or objections too large to convey
    • Blockage in the collection main or manhole, or pump station failure.  This is quickly identified when more than one home located in the same area are affected.
    • Surcharging in the collection main due to abnormally high flows and/or heavy rainfall

    If the Municipality determines that the backup is caused by problems found only on Municipal property, the fee for service may be waived.  It is necessary for the property owner to conduct a closed circuit camera inspection to make this determination.


    When a customer reports that the water service is frozen, the following procedure applies:

    If the service line is frozen within the inside of the building or dwelling, the owner or occupant shall be notified that it is not a municipal responsibility

    1. If the service line is frozen within the building or dwelling, the owner or occupant shall be notified that it is not a municipal responsability.  If the municipal worker determines this on site, the service charge will apply.
    2. If the Water and Sewer Department determines that the water service line is frozen outside the dwelling or building, the owner or occupant must complete a consent form before any work is started.  If there is no inside shut off valve, one must be installed at the owner's expense.  An inside shut off valve is necessary because the thawing process required open access to the water service line.
    3. If the frozen service line is determined to be on the municipal side of the service, then the municipality will be responsible for all expenses to correct the problem.  The cost for the service will be waived.


    The Water and Sewer Department is required to test all fire hydrants, and flush all watermains throughout the municipal water distribution systems.  A complete flushing for all of Sturgeon Falls, Cache Bay and Verner takes place in the spring, and a minor flushing for only the problematic areas in the fall.

    The work may cause some discoloration in the water; however the effect should be minimal.  If a coloured water problem is encountered in your water service line, flushing the service by letting the cold water run for a short period of time until the water is clear.  If the colour water persists, please contact the Municipality for assistance.

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