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NOTICE - APRIL 8, 2020
Update to Municipal Building Services COVID-19 Operational Policy

The Building Department has adopted service precautions effective immediately, in compliance with the Province's reduced list of Essential Workplaces under the COVID-19 Emergency Order. 

The Building Department will continue to accept permit applications and prepare for issuance of permits. The Department will only issue permits for projects that are deemed "essential," as per the Province's list of Essential Workplaces. Permit applications that are not "essential" will be fully processed, but issuance will be put on hold until the Province amends their restrictions. 

Inspections will be conducted on all projects that comply with the updated Emergency Order, for unoccupied buildings only. All required inspection papers (i.e. truss drawings) shall be submitted electronically in advance. Site inspections will remain at the discretion of the attending Inspector. If the Inspector feels physical distancing is not being maintained and personal health is at risk, they will not attend. 

For more information: 

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You need a Permit to

  • Construct any new building such as new single family dwelling, garage, or shed
  • Install or repair a foundation
  • Install a pre-manufactured fabric structure or shelter such as a tent or greenhouse, that is:
      a) more than 60 m² (646 ft²) in aggregate ground area
      b) not attached to a building, and
      c) constructed more than 3 m from other structures
  • Repair or add to a building, including porches and decks 
  • Do interior renovations that include structural, plumbing and mechanical systems
  • Enclose a porch or add a roof over a deck
  • Add a chimney, woodstove or fireplace 
  • Install an above ground pool or in ground pool
  • Replace foundation drain tiles 
  • Re-brick or install siding (lumber, vinyl, hardboard, metal) 
  • Finish a basement 
  • Move a building onto a property 
  • Create a basement apartment

Other types of structures or renovations not noted above may require a building permit. Please contact Building Services Department to confirm. 


You do not need a Permit to

  • Do non-structural work such as eaves troughs, kitchen cupboards, landscaping, driveways, sidewalks or fences (however, Fence By-law requirements apply)
  • Build a wooden deck with no roof, where the finished deck level is 24" (600 mm) or less, above finished grade, regardless of size when not attached to building (however, Zoning Regulations apply) 
  • Replace windows and doors, provided openings are not enlarged 
  • Change or add cooling systems, air cleaners, plenum heaters and in-line humidifiers 
  • Replace a furnace 
  • Build a proposed free standing structure that is under 108 sq. ft. (however, Zoning Regulations apply) 
  • Replace plumbing fixtures 
  • Replace roof shingles

A demolition permit is required before you take down all or part of a building. The process is much the same as for a Building Permit; however, your application may be affected by special circumstances. For example, if a building has historical or architectural significance, it may be designated as a heritage building under the Ontario Heritage Act, in which case, the demolition would require approval from Municipal Council.  



Building Services provides an efficient system of building permit approvals which minimize hazards to persons and property by ensuring construction within the Municipality of West Nipissing adheres to provincial and municipal regulations.

Through inspections, Building Services ensures that projects are designed and constructed in accordance with the terms and conditions of applicable municipal and legislative requirements. This section issues building, plumbing, demolition, occupancy and other permits governed by the Ontario Building Code.


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