Winter 2019 Snowbank Removal Notice


With heavy and consecutive snowfalls, our snow maintenance crews have been working continuously to maintain our roads and sidewalks, as quickly and efficiently as possible. With early hours and late nights, our Operators work to clear snow before most people leave for work and continue until most are back home at the end of the day.

We understand that the accumulation of snowbanks has caused some frustration and we do appreciate your patience. The snow plowing and sanding of municipal roads are leading priorities for us. The Municipality is required by Provincial legislation to prioritize streets based on classification. Once all roads and sidewalks have been maintained and if downtime between snowfalls permits, snowbanks will be cleared based on priority. It is also imperative that we maintain our equipment in preparation for the next snowfall, all while managing hours of work to provide sufficient rest time for our operators.

Click here for more information on winter maintenance and snow removal operations


Cache Bay • Crystal Falls • Desaulniers • Field • Kipling • Lavigne • North Monetville • River Valley • Sturgeon Falls • Verner