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Did you know that 1 organ donor can save 8 lives? In support of organ and tissue donation, April is “Be A Donor” Month in West Nipissing.

Mayor’s Proclamation

I, Mayor Joanne Savage, do hereby proclaim April 2021 as “BeADonor Month” in the Municipality of West Nipissing; 

Whereas, “BeADonor Month” supports organ and tissue donor registration; and 

Whereas, almost 1,600 people in Ontario are on the waitlist and every three days someone dies waiting for a live-saving organ transplant; and 

Whereas, in 2020, 314 deceased organ donors gave the gift of life, 1,135 organ transplants were performed in Ontario, and 1,709 tissue donors enhanced the lives of thousands. 

Whereas, 90% of Ontarians support organ and tissue donation yet only one in three (35%) of eligible Ontarians have registered their consent to donate; and 

Whereas, families almost always consent to donation when there is evidence a loved one registered their decision to donate, but in the absence of a registered donation decision, families consent only half of the time; and 

Whereas, everyone is a potential organ and tissue donor, regardless of age, medical condition or sexual orientation; one organ donor can save up to eight lives and enhance the lives of up to 75 more through the gift of tissue; and 

Now Therefore, I encourage all citizens to learn more about the organ and tissue donation and transplantation, and consider pledging their support to “BeADonor Month” by registering as a donor at

Proclamation Document 2021

One organ donor can save eight lives

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