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Released April 26, 2024

Water levels of the Sturgeon River and Lake Nipissing could rise due to forecasted rain over the weekend of April 27, 28 and into April 29. Precipitations are forecasted at 20-30mm on Saturday, 5mm on Sunday and 10-15mm on Monday. The MNRF has issued at Flood Warning for Lake Temagami/Sturgeon River/Lake Nipissing/Upper French River areas.

Public works and Emergency services are patrolling for public safety and access. Roads that are at risk of washing out or flooding are being staked and monitored closely.

Due to high water levels and driftwood debris, municipal docks and boat launches are not yet operational. Please use extreme caution when traveling to boat-access properties and only do so if it appears safe. The Municipality will provide more information regarding municipal boat launches once crews are able to safely install docks.

The Emergency Control Group will continue meeting to ensure prompt communication and collaboration between local Emergency Services, OPP Nipissing West detachment, West Nipissing Power Generation, Dams and Water Management group, Public Works and Infrastructure department, and Municipal Leadership team.

Released April 22, 2024

The MNRF has recently issued a Flood Warning for residents of the Lake Nipissing area. Shoreline property owners are advised to be prepared in the event of a flood. The Public Works department has delivered piles of sand to accessible locations for affected residents. Bags are typically available for purchase at Sturgeon Falls Home Hardware, Simcoe Northern Supply, and OCP Construction Supplies in North Bay. Significant precipitations over the last two weeks have also caused localized flooding and damage to some roads throughout the municipality. Crews are continuing to monitor and rehabilitate these roads.

Members of the Emergency Control Group are patrolling daily to assess changes and to ensure public safety. To report an emergency, please call 911. To report flooding concerns or road washouts, please contact the Municipal Office at 705-753-2250, or 705-753-1170 after business hours. 

Recommendations from your Emergency Group 

  • Residents should be mindful of potential hazards and prepare accordingly for flooding and for road closures.
  • If you reside near or across a body of water, it is recommended that your home be equipped with emergency essentials. See the Ontario Preparedness Plan and Kit for suggestions.
  • Residents should watch conditions closely and exercise caution when travelling on any road in a low-lying area or close to a body of water. Road conditions can deteriorate rapidly. If roads appear impassible, use extreme caution; drive slowly or don’t cross, especially at night when visibility is limited.
  • Due to the dangers of high water levels and rapid flows, children and pets should be monitored closely. 

Helpful resources

Keep a close watch on the local forecast and Ontario’s flood map for up-to-date conditions and flood warnings.

You can also keep track of the French River and Lake Nipissing Water Levels and Flow.

What you should do before, during and after a flood, and where to get current flood information: Ontario’s flooding tips 

How to make an emergency plan and kit 

Flooding and insurance information (Insurance Bureau of Canada)

Home Flood Protection Program (Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation)

About Well Water and Septic Systems: Residents who are not connected to a Municipal drinking water system should be aware that overland flooding may impact the safety of well water. Placing sand bags around your well can help mitigate the potential for contamination. If your drinking water may have been compromised, seek an alternate source of water until floodwaters have receded and your water has been tested. 

During a flood your well water may become unsafe to drink. If you think flood water may have entered your well, stop using your water and have it tested as soon as possible through the Health Unit.

Septic System safety during a flood

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