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Jérôme Courchesne, ward 8 Councillor and passionate local advocate, has left his seat as member of the municipal Council of West Nipissing. He submitted a resignation letter on Friday April 5, 2024, effective April 8, 2024, explaining his career advancement reasons. Mr. Courchesne recently accepted a position at the Au Château Home for the Aged, which disqualifies him under provincial legislation from holding a seat as Councillor with the Municipality as the Au Chateau is considered a Local Board. 

In a letter to his fellow members of Council, Jérôme states, “I want you to know that I am not stepping down because of the workload or for any negative reasons, but because of a law that precludes me from continuing as a member of Council. I have very much enjoyed serving the community and working with my colleagues on Council. Since the beginning of the term, even if we don’t always see eye-to-eye at the table, we’ve worked together for the good of the municipality as a whole, and I’m certain that the future is positive and promising for our beautiful municipality.” 

The Municipal Clerk will officially declare the seat vacant at the next Council meeting of April 16, 2024. In accordance with By-law 2023-47, Council will then move toward filling the ward 8 seat through a Process of Appointment. The seat must be filled within 60 days from the day it is declared vacant. More information will be made public when the application process begins. 

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