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The Municipality of West Nipissing respects the privacy of its citizens and visitors. This entails protection of information online, through phone and mail correspondence and in our facilities. Municipal staff adhere to policies that protect the confidentiality of any personally identifiable information such as names, email addresses and telephone numbers. 

Personal information will be collected on a voluntary basis, and will be used appropriately in a confidential nature if the information is necessary for the performance of duties (i.e. submitting contact information online for swimming lesson registration or the forwarding of an inquiry to a committee for a hearing or response).

Municipal social media accounts are monitored during business hours. The Municipality is not responsible for the security of these public accounts or websites. Comments, questions and communications made through social media to the Municipality are made at the voluntary discretion of the user. In accordance with the Municipality of West Nipissing’s Social Media Policy, the Corporation reserves the right to remove comments that exhibit hate, bias or discrimination.

Freedom of Information

The Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act applies to all local government organizations, including the Municipality of West Nipissing. Under this legislation, you have a right to access municipal information, subject to restrictions, while the Municipality must also protect personal information. The Municipality ensures compliance with the privacy provisions of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

Should there be records you wish to access, please contact 705-753-2250 or, or fill out and submit a Freedom of Information Access/Correction Request Form

Privacy Terms – Municipal Website

Providing Personal Information via the Municipal Website

Most of the information accessible on the Municipality of West Nipissing’s website does not require you to identify yourself. You may access it anonymously. However, the Municipality does collect personal information about you when you choose to provide it. We collect only as much personal information as it necessary to assist you in conducting business with the Municipality via this website. The only personally identifying information arising from your use of the Municipality website is what you voluntarily supply.

The Municipality of West Nipissing does attempt to provide you with multiple methods for conducting business (i.e. telephone, walk-in, mail-in, fax-in) in addition to the municipal website. If you have concerns about using the website to conduct your business with us, please be assured that alternative means are available.

Why Personal Information is Collected

The Municipality of West Nipissing collects and retains personal information for the following reasons:

  • To process your requests for services, products or additional information
  • To communicate with you regarding services that you have requested
  • To advise you of changes to our website services and of service interruptions
  • To meet legal and regulatory requirements

Use of “Cookie” Technology

Cookie technology captures summary information on visitor use patterns. It is a computer code that tracks “traffic” so we can determine how effective the web site is in meeting informational or service needs. A cookie contains no personal identifying information and the Municipality of West Nipissing acquires no knowledge of an Internet visitor’s browsing path once they have exited our website. 

Google Analytics

The Municipality of West Nipissing website uses Google Analytics to collect and process data for the purposes explained above. For more information, see:
Google’s Privacy & Terms
Safeguarding your data

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