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Spring Thaw Road Conditions

With the changing of the seasons from winter to spring, the municipalities’ gravel roads are highly susceptible to pot holing, rutting, frost heaving and in some cases, water on the road. Gravel road maintenance is always challenging for our crews during the spring thaw. Maintenance windows are limited due to the fluctuating temperatures and weather patterns dipping below freezing overnight, with rain and soft conditions during the day.

During the transitional period, grading can only be conducted when the road surface is firm, otherwise when the gravel is moved, more mud is created. If more material were to be added to the roads and graders were used prior to these ideal conditions, our gravel road surface would lose integrity, leading to increased damage and unsafe road conditions.

We ask for your patience and to drive carefully during your commutes – our road crews are doing their best to ensure the safest driving conditions possible given these circumstances.

Load Restrictions

In effect as of March 21, 2023

In an effort to to protect municipal roads during the spring thaw, the Municipality enforces reduced load restrictions when road damage is most likely to occur.

Please plan accordingly. 

For information or to report concerns
Telephone: 705-753-2250

Seasonal Road Closures

During spring thawing, some municipal roads become too soft and unstable to withstand the weight of vehicles. To maintain the integrity of the roadways, the Municipality enforces annual road closures Motorists are reminded to adhere to all signs as road closures remain in effect.

The following road closures are in effect until further notice:

Ashburton Road (Field)

Old North Road (Kipling)

De La Montee (South)

Roy Street (between Mageau St. and Quesnel Rd.)

Stewart Road (between ON-64 and Leblanc Rd.)

Spring Sweeping

After winter, roads are swept to remove the accumulation of any sand and salt from winter street maintenance. Street sweeping begins between May 1 to May 31, once snow and ice has melted from road shoulders and curbs. Street sweeping priorities are based on volumes of traffic on roadways where winter road sand may generate excessive dust. Downtown core and main streets are completed first.

For more information on road maintenance operations, see our Road and Sidewalks page.

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