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Organizational Service Delivery Review

The overall goal of this review was to identify potential opportunities and associated costs intended to maintain adequate service levels while allowing the achievement of long-term sustainability for the Municipality.

Organizational Service Delivery Review (pdf)

Independent Auditor’s Reports and Financial Reports
2022-2026 Term Plan

This Term Plan was initiated by Council in an effort to strategically align the community’s needs with the actions of the Municipality. The 4-year plan allows Council to set priorities and to stay focused on goals and outcomes during their term. As such, it plays a key role in decision-making and informs the work of the organization.

2022-2026 Term Plan (pdf)

Land Use and Development Strategy – Former Mill Site

In February 2022, a project team consisting of Re:public Urbanism and Colliers Project Leaders was retained by the Municipality of West Nipissing prepare a Land Use Development Strategy for a former pulp and paper mill site located on Highway 17 where the highway crosses the Sturgeon River, in the community of Sturgeon Falls.

Land Use and Development Strategy – Final Report (pdf)

Land Use and Development Strategy – Existing Conditions Report (pdf)

Asset Management Plan

Asset management planning is meant to aid municipalities is making cost effective decisions with regards to operating, maintaining, renewing, replacing and disposing of their infrastructure assets. The decisions and directions laid out in the asset management planning process are intended to ensure that the Municipality will be capable of providing the levels of service needed to meet their desired plans, goals and objectives.

Asset Management Plan (pdf)

Asset Management Policy (pdf)

Housing Strategy

This Strategy is the culmination of significant analysis, community engagement, and research undertaken to understand the key housing issues in West Nipissing and identify a path towards addressing them. It seeks to provide a framework to address the current and future housing needs of the Municipality over the next ten years (2022-2032). Not only is this document a toolbox for addressing housing challenges over the next decade, but it is also a commitment to creating a more liveable and successful West Nipissing.

Housing Strategy (pdf)

Housing Strategy – Existing Conditions Report (pdf)

Community Safety and Well-being Plan

The mission of this Community Safety and Well-Being Plan is to provide a collaborative and proactive approach that will strengthen West Nipissing as a whole. Following legislation, this means that West Nipissing will focus on social development and prevention to mitigate crime and harm while advancing the safety and well-being of West Nipissing.

This plan was developed in collaboration with an advisory committee of community leaders who are invested in community safety and well-being through their involvement in various sectors. In addition to offering their expertise, the lived experience and opinions of residents were also called upon and used to create this document.

Community Safety and Well-being Plan (pdf)

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