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West Nipissing Power Generation is reminding the public that trespassing at the hydropower generating station is a significant public safety concern and is illegal. 

Incidents of trespassing and property damage at the site have increased over recent weeks, with individuals bypassing fencing and disregarding the safety signage, to access the river and areas around the facility.  

Trespassing is incredibly reckless and endangers your life and the life of first responders. Due to hydro generation, water levels and flows can change quickly, making conditions unpredictable and dangerous. Safety barriers and signage are in place for the public’s protection. While this site is frequently monitored, an operator may not see a bystander before opening the spill gates. 

Anyone caught trespassing will be reported to the local authorities and can be charged under Ontario’s Trespass to Property Act with fines up to $10,000. Nipissing West OPP will be patrolling the site to enforce these warnings and lay charges when appropriate. 

Please obey all signs, fences, booms and any barriers that have been put in place for your safety.

Photo credit: Howie Longfellow. Image from the latest major plant upgrade.

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