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The Municipality of West Nipissing is focused on service excellence, collaboration and resourcefulness. The organization is comprised of multiple departments working together, to provide quality services for residents, visitors and businesses of West Nipissing. 

Chief Administrative Officer

Jay Barbeau

The Chief Administrative Officer’s primary role is to provide strategic leadership and advice to Council and for the overall administration of Municipal Services in West Nipissing. The CAO is accountable to the Mayor and Council.

Jay works alongside the Municipality’s Directors to provide business direction by focusing on quality assurance and organizational priorities, and by cultivating cohesive yet creative management.

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Director of Corporate Services and Treasurer

Alisa Craddock

The Corporate Services Department provides administrative services that support the work of the Municipal Council as well as management and staff of other departments in their delivery of efficient municipal services. Branches within the Corporate Services Department include Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Communications, and Customer Service. 

Alisa and her team lead the development and delivery of corporate-wide administrative policies, systems and services, and are responsible for providing financial advice to members of Council and other departments. 

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Director of Economic Development and Community Services

Stephan Poulin

The Community Services Department oversees a wide range of public services delivered by the Municipality. The team plays a key role in ensuring that community members are active and healthy through collaborative partnerships and through community members’ participation in Sports and Leisure, Arts and Culture, Community Events, Community Development, and Educational Programs.

Stephan and the Community Services team are also responsible for the planning, administration, operation and maintenance of all municipal buildings and much of the green space surrounding them. Responsibilities also include the management of capital projects related to the repair, rehabilitation or expansion of these facilities. 

As Director of Economic Development, Stephan oversees the promotion of a stable and diverse economy through business attraction, growth and expansion. The Economic Development team works closely with key stakeholders and partners regarding initiatives that can potentially create and retain jobs, as well as bring investments to our community.

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